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The Albas

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Elegant, intricate, unexpectedly versatile.

Wear it classic with a black dress,

or as a sparkly accent to denim or leather.

Polished jet stone crowned with 925 silver

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Dimensions 4.5 x 0.9 x 0.2 cm

Our Jet collection is a beautiful example of pairing a rare natural material together with the craftsmen’s skills of embellishment. Jet stone, which is actually fossilized wood, is mined outside of Erzurum in the mountains of the northeastern corner of Turkey. The jet stone is cut into shapes, polished and paired with beautifully carved silver designs.

Pieces from this collection can be classic or eclectic depending on the wearer´s style.


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We work with a small workshop in Erzurum, consisting of three master silversmiths from Oltu.

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Seyahan-LookbookJet CollectionIn our exclusive artisan’s video about the Jet Collection you can watch how the intricate pieces are made by a master craftsmen in Erzurum. Have a look at our Two Days in Istanbul Lookbook where you can get inspired how to mix and match Seyahan Jewelry with modern styles.