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The Founders

Seyahan Founders

The Founders

Matthias Weimer and Laura Parker

Seyahan is owned by American-German couple Laura Parker and Matthias Weimer and was started by Matthias in 2011. Matthias, an entrepreneur and traveler at heart, had slowly built a network of contacts as he traveled through Turkey for exploration and adventure. Curious and quick to walk into any open door, Matthias met artisan after artisan and was impressed with their craftsmanship and willingness to share. While he had studied chemical engineering, he was excited to have a business of his own. He left his job at a high-tech company in Switzerland and opened a shop in a hidden passage off the main shopping street in Istanbul where he could showcase the handcrafted jewelry he had found during his travels. Laura joined him in 2012. She had studied Risk Management but had always been intrigued by fashion and its importance for a society and for the individual. She brought to Seyahan an eye for design and styling possibilities.

I was very excited to work with Matthias, to hone the collections and bring in a sense of what women want to wear. A lot of the stuff sold in Turkey is based on what people think that tourists want, so they make things which are very orientalist. While many of our customers are from abroad, it’s been a big compliment that we also have more and more Turkish customers that are rediscovering their own heritage.

Laura Parker

Born and raised in rural regions of the U.S and Germany, Laura and Matthias feel a deep connection to Turkey. While they enjoy life in the big city of Istanbul, they are also drawn to the beautiful landscapes of Turkey’s Anatolian region and the hospitality and friendliness of its people. Having their own business has allowed them to feel part of the fabric of the country.

After having met amazing artisans on my extensive journeys through Turkey, I felt the need to bridge the craftsmanship and skills of Anatolia with the urban Istanbulian population as well as with the tourists visiting this fascinating city. By doing so, we hope to nurture mutual respect and  provide a platform for vanishing knowledge in our dynamic world of today.

Matthias Weimer

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