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Handcrafted in Anatolia

We at Seyahan offer carefully curated collections of fine silver jewelry, handcrafted locally by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. We travel to remote regions of Turkey’s Anatolian landscape to explore the diversity and heritage of the country’s silver craftsmanship.

The collections appeal both to women and men who enjoy the uniquely balanced mix of tradition and modernism. By working closely with the artisans we strive to ensure the highest quality of our collections.

In curating the Seyahan collections, we aim to preserve the long heritage of Turkish silver jewelry by making them relevant for today’s customer. Through our displays and photo shoots, we encourage customers to mix traditional pieces with contemporary ones. We also tweak classic designs for wearability, producing pieces that are effortless to wear.  Styles range from eclectic to minimalist.

Watch our exclusive Seyahan Journey Video in which we travel the beautiful landscapes of Turkey and visit our master craftsmen in Erzurum and the ladies of the women’s workshops in Trabzon.

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